Fun Math: 3 Best Free Online Math Games for Kids

Education is very important in any child’s life. At the same time, you can’t put such a strong focus on this aspect that you deny your ward or child the opportunity to have fun.

So, what do you do?

You find the best compromise between fun and learning! This is where amazing tools like math games for kids comes into the picture. Without further ado, here are some of the best free online math games you can introduce your child to in 2021!

Game 1 – Sinal

Sinal Game

Take your child to the setting of an animated classroom with this game!

The backdrop of the game features a blackboard with simple math questions displayed on it. The format shows two separate numbers with a blank space for the mathematical symbol that will yield the last number given after the equal to sign.

Sinal is a fun and simple way for your kids to learn how mathematical symbols operate all while enjoying themselves and having a good time. While it can be played in a laid back manner, the game adds a little twist that can help competitive children enjoy it even more.

Once you start the game, a timer starts to countdown. So, for more fun, kids can try to answer more questions faster before the timer runs out completely. This helps make them even faster at solving math problems in school.

Game 2 – 1+2+3

Math Game: 1+2+3

This game adds a rather fun and interesting twist to solving math problems for kids.

Specifically targeted at kids from age 3 and above, it presents them with a series of mathematical problems that will always give them an answer between the numbers I, 2, and 3, hence the name!

Once a child starts the game, they are shown a simple equation and then given the three options to choose the right answer. A timer is counting down so they have to make this decision fast!

The math problems start out very simple. However, they begin to increase in complexity the further along your child gets in the game. Several aspects of this game make it more than ideal for young children as it encourages quick thinking and can help your child improve their IQ without putting them under undue stress.

Game 3 – Complete the Sequence

Math Game: Complete The Sequence

If you want a math game that can grab and hold the attention of your kids for long periods, then you want to take a look at what Complete the Sequence has to offer!

Straight from the start of the game, your kid is given the liberty to choose the level of complexity of the game. There are three options to that effect; Easy, Medium, and Hard. With this, your kids have greater flexibility.

The game itself is simple. When you click the start button, a sequence of numbers appear on the screen while bubbles to complete that sequence.

Unlike the other games on this list, there is no timer so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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