How to Visit Dubai on a Budget

Dubai is a stunning city to visit because of its sky-rocketing buildings, pristine beaches, great outdoor activities, and stunning sightseeing spots. Because it is extravagant and carries a certain charisma, it is a bit expensive and can cause a problem if you are traveling on a budget. In this article, we have shared some tips that you can follow to travel to Dubai on a budget.

Plane Tickets

Make sure that you book your tickets to Dubai in advance. Typically, getting tickets a month or two is better as the price is economical and far less as compared to the price of the ticket on the spot. 

Hotel Bookings

Dubai has several 7-star and 5-star hotels that cost a fortune but if you are traveling on a budget, you will need to check and compare the prices online and go for standard and affordable accommodation. 

Traveling within the City

If you want to see distant tourist spots within the city, make sure that you use public transport. The best option in this regard is to get a red or silver travel card that costs around AED 6 and AED 25. 


Depending upon the cuisine you prefer to eat, the price of food can vary. To save costs on food, you can get local Arabian or Indian food recommendations. It is usually cheaper than high-end Mexican, American, or Japanese cuisine. 


Dubai has a lot of free walking and sightseeing areas; however, some popular locations charge heavy ticket fees. To get the best out of this deal, you can ask locals for free traveling spots and can get discount coupes by searching the web.

Also, you can visit some free sightseeing spots like Bastakiya, Souqs, Dubai Mall, Beaches, etc. 

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