How to Use Tinder without Phone Number

Tinder is a dating site where you can find your partner and it is very strict in its rules. It is necessary to verify yourself on tinder through the code which it sends on your mobile phone.

So it is necessary to verify your mobile number.

But wait, your mobile number doesn’t need to be a real one you can also use a fake number.

You can also get a temporary virtual number for the time being on which you can easily receive a verification code. You are in the absolute right place where you will find answers on how to use tinder without a phone number.

There are many message service providers in the market like Here you can easily get a virtual number without any problem.

How does the Tinder verification code work?

Once you create a Tinder account try to send a six-digit confirmation code on your mobile phone. They do all this stuff to make sure that you are a real user, not a scam. There are many technologies such as Artificial intelligence or robot that works likes humans to avoid these types of scams they send confirmation codes.

SMS Tinder Verification Using Mobile Phone Number

The verification code is sent by Tinder SMS service on your mobile phone such as android system, Iphones, etc. and this code can also be sent on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You have to put that code in the tinder account to get login into the account.

Methods to verify Tinder account by using an Application

There are many ways to receive the Tinder verification code via SMS service on different applications. These applications will generate your fake number and after that when you submit that fake number on your Tinder account so you will successfully receive that verification code on your mobile number.


So you just need to follow the basic steps.

  • Download Blue Stacks or Nox app players on your computer.
  • After downloading that, go on Playstore and download the application known as Messenger app.
  • This app generates your Fake number and you can easily receive a Tinder verification code on that number.

How to Register for Tinder Using a Virtual Number?

There is also an option of using a temporary virtual number to get a verification code and believe it will never be a bad option for you. This technique will work best on a PC rather than a mobile so try to use it on a PC.

  • Open your tinder account on your PC.
  • Go to the telephone number.
  • Now use any online website which can generate virtual numbers.
  • Try to choose the number which belongs to your country otherwise Tinder will easily understand that you are using a fake number.
  • Paste that virtual number on your Tinder and after some seconds you will receive a verification code from Tinder.


Tinder is the world best dating website and everyone wants to become a member of that site especially people who are finding partners. So for them, these are some basic tips which would be helpful for them. So I hope you enjoyed reading all paragraphs.

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