Drucker Reveals how a Manager Controls the Fate of a Business

To define the responsibilities of business managers, Peter Drucker published a book in 1963. He stressed that the primary responsibility of a manager is to ensure the maximum utilization of all the available resources in a company. He said that all the tangible and intangible strengths must be exploited.

Meanwhile, another very important factor that must be considered to boost the company’s sales is to come up with a very effective campaign strategy. Currently, there are two types of drives that business managers and CEOs can use to get more clients- the short and long-term campaigns.

Peter said that the short-term campaign stressed more about efficiency instead of the efficacy.

In other words, it gives much emphasis on ‘doing things right.’ For example, if you are engaged in the production of a food supplement, you will highlight the lower price of your product as well as how fast it alleviates one’s health. You will also stress that even if you are offering a cheaper product, you still followed the strict standards laid by the government. 

On the other hand, if you want to employ a long-term campaign, you really need to point out the effectiveness of your products. You will not care if your products got higher price tags since your main focus is on the ‘effectiveness’ side. Remember that you would always find clients that are willing to pay more just to get better results.

The author also emphasized that discipline is an integral part of success.

He said that even if you hire the most intelligent people to run your business, if they don’t possess the right discipline, all your efforts will become futile.

Indeed, there’s no definite technique that ensures success in any business. So, whether the business manager or CEO will consider efficiency over effectiveness, it’s completely his call.

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