‘The Outer Worlds’ Will Open This October; Exclusive Rights Underway

Another sci-fi RPG game will surely hype gamers all over the world. With its intuitive gameplay and superb graphical user interface, The Outer Worlds is deemed to be the best alternative for other online hits, including ROS and DOTA. The gaming divisions of Microsoft developed this game that is set for public release by the last week of October.

But unlike other multi-platform games, Microsoft is planning to secure an exclusive right for this game. Matt Booty, one of the bosses of Xbox Studios, said that this game is very special and updated patches from the tech giant must be loaded to the game’s server from time to time. He admitted that not all first-party games developed by the gaming arms of Microsoft are intended to have an exclusive franchise right. One good example of a game that does not require exclusive patching from Microsoft is the Minecraft.

The Xbox boss said that it would not make sense if they limit the people who want to create their ‘blocks’ masterpieces with the intent to generate more profit.

He said that an online RPG game is another thing. To keep the game at par with its rivals, continuous updates from Microsoft is a must. Booty ended the talk pointing out that this new game is, indeed, exceptional. 

Based on Microsoft’s press release, gamers using different OS or platforms can also play the game in its early outing. However, if they want to keep playing this game throughout the year, they must purchase a PC or Xbox game consoles. 

Indeed, the tech giant proves that it is not only acing in producing a high-end OS. With the release of this game, people must expect more innovative games and applications from Microsoft before this year ends.

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